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Get $100 off the Duracell Power 300 Portable Power Station!

RELIABLE POWER THAT LASTS: Power your critical devices for hours at a time. The Power 300 provides safety, comfort, and convenience during power outages. Use it to power laptops, mobile devices, or any small electronics that make your life easier. This power station provides 4 full charges of a laptop, 47 hours of light, 2 hours of TV, and 13 hours of wifi.

QUICK AND FLEXIBLE RECHARGING: In addition to using a wall outlet, you can recharge the power station using solar panels (sold separately), or car lighter ports, giving you the reassurance that you will be able to charge your power station during longer power outages.

EASY TO CARRY: At 7.5 pounds, this device is easily portable. Move it in and around the house or take it with you on the go. Dimensions: 8.5 by 6.2 by 6.3 inches.

POWER MULTIPLE DEVICES AT ONCE: Multiple ports allows you to power devices simultaneously.

GREEN POWER SUPPLY: This power station is compatible with the Duracell 100W Solar Panel (sold separately).


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