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Lepulse is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise that provides smart solutions for health. It aims to to empower consumers to proceed with a healthier lifestyle, by becoming their own expert on weight. Save extra 20% with the Lepulse scale promo code.

Features of the Lepulse Fit Scale

lepulse scale promo code

  • Large Display
  • Trend Tracking to help you reach health goals easily
  • Heart Rate
  • 15 Compositions to monitor health conditions comprehensively
  • Super easy, User Friendly and free Android and iOS apps
  • Can track BMI, weight, heart rate and body fat percentage
  • Sleek and easy to use

This is an ideal scale for a growing family that measures more than just weight. You can track the progress of the entire family. It is easy to create up to 24 different user profiles.

Lepulse F4 Household Smart Body Fat Scale always keeps an eye on your body and offers a real-time view of your personal health data to help you live a healthier lifestyle and helps you keep fit.

Every scale is equipped with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis scan for more than 15 body composition metrics like fat mass, muscle mass, BMI, etc.

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